• Our Values

    These are the guiding principles of We Run

    • If You Run, You Belong
    • Every Run is A Victory
    • Every Runner Has A Story
    • Your Value Isn't Defined By A Time or Distance
    • We Believe in the Power of Community
    • Running Should Be A Safe, Fun, and Healthy Activity

  • Features

    We Run is designed to meet the needs of runners, run clubs, and races.
    All features are free!

    A Profile for Your Running Life

    Medals, buddies, and more!

    The We Run app gives you a place to save and share things that matter to you as a runner, including your own Trophy Case for your race medals!

    A Runners-Only Social Network

    Get inspired and connect with a supportive community!

    The We Run app connects you to a global community of runners. Share photos from your runs and give virtual high-fives to your fellow runners!

    User-Friendly Run Tracker

    Track your runs, add photos, and join virtual races!

    The We Run app has a built-in run tracker which provides a clear, readable display and makes it easy to include photos from your run. You can also use the tracker to participate in virtual races and challenges!

    Virtual Racing

    Join and produce virtual events!

    We Run features virtual races you can participate in and can help organizations produce their own virtual events. See an example here.

    Build & Join Running Communities

    Groups available for run clubs, non-profits, and races!

    The We Run app provides a Groups tool that empowers run clubs and races to instantly create an online community. Groups can be used to share upcoming activities, post news & photos, and more! All runners can explore and join groups, and updates are added to your We Run feed.

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